INTERSPAR - The Hypermarket

The 125 INTERSPAR hypermarkets (at the end of 2013) offer true experimental shopping: in an area of thousands of square meters, there is a gigantic selection of food items and an all-encompassing choice of non-food products.

INTERSPAR hypermarkets are often integrated in smaller shopping centers with a few shops. This is why INTERSPAR customers find every necessity item under one roof. INTERSPAR hypermarkets are always defined by outstanding traffic connections and spacious parking options and are thus easily and quickly accessed.

Spar Oesterreich Gruppe Geschaeftstypen Interspar 1

Special highlights in the INTERSPAR hypermarkets are the fresh food areas: spacious fruit and vegetable departments, the in-store bakeries, delicatessen stands with service personnel and store-owned convenience departments in which just about anything can be found, from freshly sliced fruit salad to ready-to-serve meals.

Beside the classic INTERSPAR-Hypermarkets one practical and up-to-date hypermarket with a shop area of 3.000 m² is attended. The Hypermarket has a spacious fresh-food market place, a wide range of non-food products and a “SPAR to Go” takeaway zone, where convenience products and snacks are ready for pick-up.

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Spar Oesterreich Gruppe Geschaeftstypen Interspar Gallerie 2

Fruit and vegetables department - view form above.
(INTERSPAR Zagreb, Croatia)
Takeaway zone SPAR to Go in INTERSPAR
Hypermarket City Center One East in Zagreb.      

Spar Oesterreich Gruppe Geschaeftstypen Interspar Gallerie 1

Till zone and mall area.
(INTERSPAR Veszprem, Hungary)
Competent employees in INTERSPAR Hypermarkets.