Employees of the ASPIAG countries

With SPAR in Northeast Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia, more than 36,000 women and men are employed (per 31st Dec. 2018). The motivated and optimally-trained employees are SPAR’s source of success. They contribute substantially to the positive development of the company through their high competence and customer service.

Significant Employer

Thousands of new, modern and attractive jobs were able to be created over the past years because of the rapid expansion. SPAR is therefore a significant economic driving force.


Continual Further Training

The value of continual further training is particularly stressed. In on-going training sessions, the improvement of customer service and sales awareness is a focal point. Seminars for increasing expertise in the delicatessen section or improved product knowledge are as much a part as sales training or the development of managerial skills. In its basic and further training, SPAR also utilizes E-Learning.

Innovative Apprenticeship Training

SPAR is especially focused on the training of a qualified next generation. In Austria, the apprentices receive a comprehensive training which far surpasses normal standards - actually in their own so called "SPAR Academy Classes". The apprentice system in Hungary is well developed. The SPAR Organisations of these countries have also special training programs for apprentices, there are no training programs in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.