Austria SPAR International AG

The success story of ASPIAG (Austria SPAR International AG) is due to an innovative and dynamic business culture. Since 1990, SPAR subsidiaries have been strategically established and expanded in Northeast Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia. By now, the number of stores has increased to 1,300 in countries bordering Austria. 

The long-lasting and successful market presence of independent SPAR subsidiaries guarantees the highest level of expertise and a distinctive focus on varying customer requirements. Different SPAR countries, ASPIAG and SPAR Austria all work intensively together and share their information. In doing so, they are on the road to becoming a successful and sustainable Central European trading corporation.

As business and cooperation spans nations, the appearance of successful SPAR and INTERSPAR businesses is optimised. A consistent organisational and project structure links synergies and strengthens the competitive standing.

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