ASPIAG's Strategic Goals

ASPIAG has declared their aim to strengthen the SPAR brand in each country even more. A clearly-formulated and forward-thinking strategy lies at the heart of their daily work:

1. Organisation

Establishing independent subsidiaries with strong, local management.

2. Market Penetration

Continually increasing market shares though expanding and reproducing successful store formats.

3. Strategic Alliances

Forming strategic alliances in order to achieve optimal market penetration.

4. Synergies

Using every synergy within the whole SPAR Austria group and implementing efficient organisational structures.

5. Customers

Consistently orientating business to regional customers in each country.

6. Suppliers

Long-lasting partnerships with regional, national and international suppliers resulting in mutual benefits.

7. Employees

Committed company management, oriented toward employees, where emphasis is placed on continual training and individual performance.

8. Innovation

High degree of innovation in all areas.

9. Product Range

High level of expertise within the entire product range in order to fully utilise market potential.

10. Responsibility

Sense of corporate social responsibility in economic, environmental and social concerns.