For the SPAR organisations in the various countries, sustainability has always been an important business principle. This is anchored in the business strategy and makes a contribution to the long-term targets of the individual autonomous SPAR organisations in north-east Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia. 

The idea underpinning sustainability is spread across five areas: environment and climate, sustainable products, healthy nutrition, employees and corporate social responsibility. Each SPAR organisation in the various countries has already undertaken many different steps and initiatives in these areas, and is plotting a course to sustainability each day. The bigger picture on sustainability can be seen in the relevant SPAR report and on each country´s website.

Information on sustainability in the individual SPAR organisations by country:
SPAR Hungary on the subject of CSR
DESPAR Northeast Italy on the subject of CSR
SPAR Slovenia on the subject of CSR
SPAR Croatia on the subject of CSR
SPAR Austria on the subject of CSR