SPAR Company-Own and Exclusive Labels

Innovative private labels are booming!

In addition to national and international branded articles, SPAR also goes for innovative private labels. Especially popular brands are: S-BUDGET (discount private label), SPAR Natur*pur (organic private label), SPAR Vital (‘healthy choice’ private label products), SPAR PREMIUM (‘everyday indulgence’ products) or SPAR free from (products for persons suffering from food intolerance). SPAR to Go, the convenience brand for when you need a snack, has particular importance in the ASPIAG countries. 

Private label items are produced exclusively for SPAR by renowned national and international suppliers. Private label products may differ from country to country because ASPIAG believes it is important, particularly in the field of food retail, to offer country-specific products with local produce. Sometimes, especially in the non-food area, brands are introduced through out the SPAR organisations in the various countries. Examples of non-food private label products include brands like BEAUTY KISS (bodycare products), Pascarel (basic textiles) or Pretty Baby (baby items).