Store formats

Success through individual store formats

The keys to SPAR’s success in North-East Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia are innovative and individual store formats.

Since 1991, ASPIAG has taken a forward-looking approach to creating and running modern, customer-friendly stores in the independent SPAR organisations in the various countries. When developing markets, the aim is to establish a wide range of store formats. Flexible adaptation to local factors is the recipe for success for SPAR in North-East Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia. For that reason, ASPIAG developed the ‘model market concept’ that can be successfully and sustainably reproduced in the countries in question, based on regional requirements and consumer behaviour. The range of store formats ranges from small local retailers, such as Italy’s DESPAR stores, to specialised SPAR City Markets, full-line SPAR Supermarkets, large-scale EUROSPAR markets and enjoyable INTERSPAR Hypermarkets.