SPAR - The Supermarket

SPAR Ivancna Gorica
SPAR Ivancna Gorica

SPAR Supermarkets are modern local suppliers with sales area of up to 2,000 square meters that stand out due to their selected fresh produce departments, professional customer service, comprehensive range and attractive savings. SPAR Supermarkets can be found in Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia. In Northern Italy, this type of stores is called a DESPAR Supermarket, generally operated by independent traders.

There are also special features of Supermarkt store formats. Depending on regional demands.
  • SPAR City-Markets were developed for busy urban sites in Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia.
  • SPAR 2000 Supermarkets also offer customers in Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia non-food products, in addition to food products. In North-East Italy, this type of store is called EUROSPAR.
  • At DESPAR Express, customers in North-East Italy can purchase products at supermarket prices around the clock.
  • SPAR Hungary operates forecourt stores with a range of partners.

There is a total of 1,325 SPAR, DESPAR and EUROSPAR stores across Northeast Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia (valid at the end of 2021).