SPAR Slovenija d.o.o.


  • 1991: foundation of SPAR Slovenia, initially in a joint venture with the Slovenian trading company Mercator
  • 1991: opening of the first SPAR supermarket
  • 1993: opening of the first INTERSPAR hypermarket
  • 1999: SPAR is the first company on the Slovenian market to introduce its own private label
  • 2002: construction of the shopping center CITYPARK Ljubljana with the at that time largest INTERSPAR hypermarket worldwide
  • 2003: opening of the modern wholesale warehouse in Ljubljana
  • 2004: Slovenia joins the EU
  • 2006: 15 years of SPAR Slovenia; construction of the second part of the distribution center to supply the markets with fresh produce
  • 2007: price reduction at SPAR and INTERSPAR prior to the introduction of the Euro
  • 2008: opening of the new SPAR wholesale bakery
  • 2009: area-wide introduction of self-checkout system
  • 2009: opening of the first SPAR 2000 supermarket in Slovenj Gradec
  • 2011: Introduction of the SPAR plus customer card
  • 2012: opening of the first City SPAR market in Ljubljana
  • 2013: opening of the 90th SPAR outlet in Ljubljana Brod
  • 2015: opening of the first SPAR Supermarket in Slovenia, which is run
  • by Slovenias first SPAR retailer Mr. Blatnik in Ljubljana-Lavrica
  • 2018: launch of SPAR Online Shop
SPAR Cerkno
SPAR Cerkno

Strong number two in Slovenian food retailing

In 1991 a SPAR Supermarket opened its doors in Ljubljana for the first time to offer Slovenian consumers a very new shopping experience: The combination of international brand articles, many regional Slovenian products and cost-effective SPAR private label goods was exactly what Slovenian consumers wanted. SPAR Slovenia continued to expand in the subsequent years and now has over 130 stores throughout the country, 21 of which are operated by independent retailers. That easily makes the company the second biggest retailer, and also one of the largest employers. The various stores are served by six different types of store formats, and customers have access to an individual range of products. They can also choose from country-specific products. SPAR Slovenia supplies a total of 670 regional producers. Slovenia has also had an online food retail shop since 2018. SPAR Slovenia’s registered office and logisticscentre, plus SPAR's own bakery can be found in Ljubljana.


Store formats

An appropriate regional solution for each store. SPAR Slovenia has six different store types for food retail, and two restaurant operations.

Management SPAR Slovenia

David Kovačič
David Kovačič
Dkfm. David Kovačič
General Director
Jure Petkovšek
Jure Petkovšek
Jure Petkovšek