SPAR Magyarország Kereskedelmi Kft.

SPAR Magyarország Kereskedelmi Kft.

SPAR út. 1

H – 2060 Bicske


Postfach 27

H – 2061 Bicske

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  • 1990: entry into the Hungarian market by partial acquisition of General in Tatabánya
  • 1991: opening of the first SPAR supermarket
  • 1994: construction of a modern SPAR distribution center in Bicske
  • 1995: opening of the first INTERSPAR hypermarket in Györ Acquisition of further companies, which enabled market development primarily in the capital Budapest and the regions around Szeged and Pécs
  • 2002: acquisition of 14 Billa supermarkets
  • 2003: acquisition of 22 Kaiser's supermarkets
  • 2004: opening of a modern meat factory at the Bicske location with a staff of approx. 120
  • 2006: foundation of the SPAR Academy for basic and further training of employees
  • 2006: opening of the first City SPAR market in Budapest
  • 2008: acquisition of 177 markets from the discount chain Plus
  • 2008: opening of a second logistics center in Üllö with a floorspace of 47,000 m² and a staff of 600
  • 2009: introduction of the SuperShop customer card in all SPAR and INTERSPAR markets
  • 2009 and 2010: transformation of all 177 Plus markets into modern SPAR supermarkets
  • 2011: transformation of Kaisers markets into modern SPAR supermarkets
  • 2011: opening of the first SPAR 2000 supermarket in Szeged
  • 2012: opening of the first two SPAR supermarkets in Hungary, which are run by Hungarys first SPAR retailer Mr. Márton Wittner in Mór
  • 2013: opening of the first SPAR supermarket in Budapest, which is run by SPAR retailer Mrs. Kunné Csörgö Tünde
  • 2013: opening oft the first SPAR express shop on a petrol station in Budapest XI, which is run by SPAR retailer Mr. Jószef Tóth
  • 2018: Opening SPAR enjoy-Convenience-Store
  • 2019: Launch of SPAR Online Shop
  • 2020: Expansion of the REGNUM meat factory through the acquisition of the Zimbo meat processing factory in Perbál
  • 2021:SPAR Hungary celebrates 30th anniversary

Top player on the market

The takeover of the General company in Tatabánya in 1990 led to SPAR Hungary entering the market. As early as 1991, it was possible to open the first SPAR Supermarket in Tatabánya. Takeovers and a consistent expansion policy shaped the history of SPAR Hungary.In 2002, SPAR took over 14 Billa stores, while in 2003 22 Kaiser’s supermarkets and, in 2008, another 177 Plus discount chain stores came under the umbrella of SPAR Hungary.

And the independent retailers with their SPAR Market, SPAR Partner, SPAR Express and DESPAR forecourt stores made a big contribution to the expansion. There are 641 SPAR stores throughout the country, and SPAR Hungary occupies a strong position in the Hungarian food retail market.

The wide range of products, including foreign commodities, over 4.200 SPAR private label goods, and over 1,000 country-specific products, has also excited the Hungarian clientele from the start.

Today, the company’s head office is in Bicske, around 40 km to the west of Budapest, which is also the site of the logistics centre and the REGNUM Hungarian meat-processing plant. In Ullő, 30 km southeast of Budapest, is a second logistics centre and the SPAR Enjoy-Convenience-Facility, where fresh salads and sandwiches are prepared daily. A second REGNUM meat-processing plant is located about 25 km from Budapest and 18 km from Bicske.

Store formats

With seven different store formats, SPAR Hungary is clearly responding to the regional consumer behaviour of customers. In Hungary, many SPAR stores are operated by independent retailers (franchisees).

Management SPAR Hungary

Gabriella Heiszler
Executive Director
Zsolt Szalay
Member of the Executive Board
Eduard Vonier
Member of the Executive Board