History and Development
of the ASPIAG

The SPAR chain has achieved a prominent position on the Austrian market since being founded in the 1950s. Even in the early days, SPAR was setting new benchmarks: as the first commercial enterprise, SPAR introduced innovative marketing ideas, led the way in product diversity and invested in modern logistics. SPAR has successfully serviced the market from the onset, through both independent traders and an efficient network of branches.

From a Regional Grocery Store to a Central European Trading Corporation

Leading up to the 1990s, SPAR Austria had grown into one of the most important businesses, with six regional wholesale outlets, a central warehouse and successful manufacturing operations. Approximately 1,500 SPAR and INTERSPAR sites ensure local provisions. In 2018, SPAR had more than 42,000 employees and was the largest private employer in Austria. With more than 2,100 apprentices, it was also the largest professional trainer in Austria. The additional shopping core business of business was also gradually expanded.

"ASPIAG sees itself committed to each particular national economy and with its activities hopes to make important contributions towards the countries' development."

KR Hans Drexel († 20.11.2013)
founded the ASPIAG in 1990

Expanding abroad

At the beginning of the 1990s, SPAR was well established on the Austrian market and a forward-thinking, strategic decision launched its expansion into neighbouring countries. ASPIAG was established as a foreign subsidiary of SPAR Austria, with its headquarters in Widnau (Switzerland). ASPIAG was responsible for continuing the Austrian success story in neighbouring countries.
The ASPIAG team with its expertise and forward-thinking approach is on course for dynamic expansion. Over 1,300 SPAR and INTERSPAR locations had been set up via independent subsidiaries in Northeast Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia by the end of 2018. SPAR was also represented in the Czech Republic until 2014.